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Who is modus?

Pablo "Paul" Pérez, known as modus, is a music artist from Spain born in 2001 and active since 2014. Spanning a wide variety of electronic tastes, his genre-bending, unmistakable sound & long-term vision for an intertwined, story-driven discography has positioned him as an iconic figure in the melodic/colour bass scene. Meticulous and forward-thinking, he's the brains behind the long-running New Year Protocol Series, and has signed tracks with labels like Exobolt, Most Addictive, and Rushdown (No Limits LP, 2019 - The Astral Realm EP, 2021) among others. Supported by established artists within the scene such as Xilent, Au5, Chime and Ace Aura, with years of music theory expertise and a decade-long piano background, his approach to composition makes him an emergent creator that pioneers the sound of the realm beyond.


The New Year Protocol Series

New Year Protocol is a musical saga that tells the story of a fight between mind and machine; the result of an artificial intelligence gone rogue against an ancient civilization. Now what's left of the humans shall fight The Protocol, and find the truth.

Every year, in January, a new chapter is released. This is complemented by a live event named "The Countdown: ARG", which provides a deeper insight into the storyline, and preceeds the world premiere of every new installment in the series.

The New Year Protocol Series is set to last 10 chapters.

2016 - New Year Protocol 1: Inception

2017 - New Year Protocol 2: Future

2018 - New Year Protocol 3: Reinvent

2019 - New Year Protocol 4: Evolve

2020 - New Year Protocol 5: Into The Unknown

2021 - New Year Protocol 6: Infinite

2022 - ????


I stream twice a week on Twitch!

- Fridays at 9 PM GMT: "The Friday Chill"

- Saturdays at 5:30 PM GMT: "modus LIVE"

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